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At Property Care we are dedicated to helping you to achieve whatever it is that you need doing. Over the past nineteen years, we have supplied many customers with a range of services including: reticulation, repairs, renovations, tiling (fully qualified), rubbish removal, strata maintenance, revamping of buildings, installation and servicing of fugi systems (fully qualified), painting and roof inspections, whether in person or through drone photography (fully qualified).  We are always eager to help and are always excited to become more qualified to suit the needs of our clients. If you need something done that we have not already listed then feel free to still contact us as we are always willing to accommodate. And if your not satisfied with your service we are always dedicated to trying again until it meets the highest of standards.

As a business we are always learning and growing. Our team has completed certificates in tiling, carpentry and joinery and holds a builders certificate, CASA certificates and Working at heights. Help us help you by inquiring today and we will be more than happy to meet any needs. We guarantee that whatever the job we will give it a go and will not stop until you are fully satisfied.

Strata Maintenance

Our company here at Property Care has always prided itself being experts when it comes to strata maintenance. Over the past few years, we have built up relationships with several large strata companies and have proven ourselves dedicated to helping them out in all situations. If your looking for a team of dependable workers to help you manage your strata company then contact us today!

General Maintenance

Our services range to anything and cover all your handyman needs. We pride ourselves on supplying a flexible range of services to meet your needs and are ready to help our clients in whatever way possible. Have any questions about what we can do? Don’t hesitate to call us and one of our team will be happy to help you out!


Bathroom Renovations

Looking at redoing your bathroom then were the experts to call. We have members of our team who have completed a Certificate in Tiling and will make your bathroom look brand new again. Our services will include the knocking out of the old bathroom and tiles, the disposing of them, and then the retiling of the bathroom as well as the installation of any new bathroom.

Gardening Services

In need of some new plants to revamp up your garden but not sure which ones to buy and where from? We have a passion for gardens and making them look good. Our services will include the purchasing and installation of the plants, making it ready for you to step in and take over. We love watching people become dedicated gardeners and are ready to help by completing the first step – making a garden for you to tend.

Whether your lawn is dead and is in need of some life, or your just looking for the general maintenance of it we are always ready to step in and help. Over the years our team has been responsible for the complete installation of reticulation systems as well as the fixing of broken and damaged sprinklers and systems.

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